Speakers at the Big Data Strategies Conference

Brian Greenberg
Brian Greenberg is the President & CEO of General System Dynamics. Brian Greenberg is one of the industries thought leaders in storage litigation readiness, eDiscovery, compliance, backup & archive, data protection, business continuance & disaster recovery and IT operations best practices.  Brian has been a subject matter expert and consultant for the leading storage services companies and Fortune 100 companies including StorageNetworks and GlassHouse.  Brian has been designing and managing data storage systems for nearly 20 years and has designed and managed systems for environments ranging from small dot-com start-ups to enterprise class storage systems for Fortune 100 companies including Motorola, Microsoft, Fujitsu, Washington Mutual and Bloomberg.  Additionally, as a frequent industry speaker, Mr. Greenberg addresses how organizations can better align legal and business requirements with IT and has presented several papers and participated as a panelist at several conferences including StorageDecisions, DataCenter Decisions, Ziff-Davis Enterprise Virtual Trade Show and CAMP IT Conferences.

Eng Lim Goh
Dr. Eng Lim Goh joined SGI in 1989, becoming a chief engineer in 1998 and then chief technology officer in 2001. He oversees technical computing programs with the goal to develop the next generation computer architecture for the new many-core era.
In 2005, InfoWorld named Dr. Goh one of the World's 25 Most Influential CTOs. That same year he was also included in the HPCwire list of "15 People to Watch." In 2007, he was named "Champions 2.0" of the industry by BioIT World magazine, and received the HPC Community Recognition Award from HPCwire. Dr. Goh is a frequent industry speaker and he continues to discuss, in different forums, innovative technologies and their applications.

Before joining SGI, Dr. Goh worked for Intergraph Systems, Schlumberger Wireline and Shell Research.
A Shell Cambridge University Scholar, Dr. Goh completed his Ph.D. research and dissertation on parallel architectures and computer graphics, and holds a first-class honors degree in mechanical engineering from Birmingham University in the U.K.
Dr. Goh has been granted four U.S. patents, two of which as the inventor and the others as co-inventor.

Derek has been implementing security in corporate environments, as both an internal employee and a consultant, for five years. Although he has implemented firewalls, IDSs, and VPNs for various employers and clients he focuses heavily on securing Microsoft hosts and Domain structures. He has hardened hundreds of hosts in environments ranging from less than a dozen servers to enterprise environments with over 1000 servers and thousands of users. In conjunction with hardening he has also crafted and implemented standards, policies, and procedures to maintain the security of his employer's / client's environments.

Ed Narvaez
Ed is currently a marketing executive with the Dot Hill Systems, a recognized leader in software and hardware solutions for storing, sharing, protecting and managing data.
Ed studied at the University of Colorado at Boulder and has over twenty years of high tech industry expertise. Ed has also been critical to the success of technology sales and marketing teams at ExaGrid Systems, Hewlett-Packard, LeftHand Networks and Novell. With over 100 professional references and industry alliances supporting his expertise, Ed focus on horizontal and vertical segments in the high tech sector with specialization in Data Storage, Channel Alliance technology solutions, M&A, Start-Up corporate mode and online marketing.

Rob Peglar

Rob Peglar, CTO-Americas, EMC Isilon. A 35-year industry veteran and published author, he leads the shaping of strategic vision, emerging technologies, defining future offering portfolios including business and technology requirements, product planning and industry/customer liaison. He is a member of the SNIA Board of Directors, serves as Chair of the SNIA Tutorials, as a Board member of the Green Storage Initiative, and as Secretary/Treasurer of the Blade Systems Alliance. He has extensive experience in storage virtualization, the architecture of large heterogeneous SANs, replication and archiving strategy, disaster avoidance and compliance, information risk management, distributed cluster storage architectures and is a sought-after speaker and panelist at leading storage and networking-related seminars and conferences worldwide. Prior to joining Xiotech in August 2000, Mr. Peglar held key technology specialist and engineering management positions over a nine-year period at StorageTek and at their networking subsidiary, Network Systems Corporation. Prior to StorageTek, he held engineering development and product management positions at Control Data Corporation and its supercomputer division, ETA Systems. Mr. Peglar holds the B.S. degree in Computer Science from Washington University, St. Louis Missouri, and performed graduate work at Washington University’s Sever Institute of Engineering. His research background includes I/O performance analysis, queuing theory, parallel systems architecture and OS design, storage networking protocols, clustering algorithms and virtual systems optimization.


Jim Vaselopulos
Jim Vaselopulos is a seasoned business executive with domain expertise in Financial Services, Marketing, Manufacturing and Service Industries. Jim works closely with many firms to help align business needs and technology for competitive advantage. His many roles include Senior Vice President at PSC Group, LLC, interim CIO at several organizations and strategic business consultant to many others. His speaking engagements include regional executive events, various podcasts, industry organizations and technology-centric educational institutions such as the University of Illinois. Jim holds an Engineering degree from the University of Illinois and an MBA from Marquette University.