Derek Milroy, Information Security, U.S. Cellular


Derek has been implementing security in corporate environments, as both an internal employee and a consultant, for five years. Although he has implemented firewalls, IDSs, and VPNs for various employers and clients he focuses heavily on securing Microsoft hosts and Domain structures. He has hardened hundreds of hosts in environments ranging from less than a dozen servers to enterprise environments with over 1000 servers and thousands of users. In conjunction with hardening he has also crafted and implemented standards, policies, and procedures to maintain the security of his employer’s / client’s environments.

James Mountain, Director of Information Security, Palmer College of Chiropractic


James Mountain is an experienced leader with over 16 years in IT. His current role is the Director of Information Security for Palmer College of Chiropractic providing strategic leadership and direction for campus academic technology applications and initiatives. His past work experiences include private, public and government industries. He has been a CISSP since 2011 while he worked for the Department of Defense. His main areas of focus are security, risk management, and infrastructure stability.

Brad Wyatt, Solutions Architect, Cloud Solutions Group (CSG), PSM Partners


Brad is a 4x Microsoft Most Valuable Professional with over 11 years of experience in the Information Technology industry. Brad has shared his expertise and insights at some of the most prestigious events in the industry, including the Global PowerShell Summit, various Microsoft events, and multiple PowerShell meetups nationwide. Brad has a passion for knowledge sharing and is a co-organizer of Chicago PowerShell group, the Chicago PowerShell conference, and the PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit. Over the course of his career, he has migrated many companies, large and small, to the public cloud, performed thorough infrastructure audits and recommendations, implemented custom automations and efficiencies, and scoped projects based on client need for sustained future growth.